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Parapsychology - Wikipedia
Parapsychology is the study of paranormal and psychic phenomena, including telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, synchronicity, reincarnation, apparitional experiences, and other paranormal claims.It is considered to be pseudoscience by a vast majority of mainstream scientists.. Parapsychology research is largely conducted by private institutions in ...

Parapsychology | Definition of Parapsychology by Merriam ...
Parapsychology definition is - a field of study concerned with the investigation of evidence for paranormal psychological phenomena (such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis).

Parapsychology - definition of parapsychology by The Free ...
The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science.

What is Parapsychology? - Rhine Research Center
The Rhine Research Center explores the frontiers of consciousness and exceptional human experiences in the context of unusual and unexplained phenomena. The Rhine’s mission is to advance the science of parapsychology, to provide education and resources for the public, and to foster a community for individuals with personal and professional interest in PSI.

Parapsychology | Define Parapsychology at
Parapsychology definition, the branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of purportedly psychic phenomena, as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telepathy, and the like. See more.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
parapsychology definition: the study of mental abilities, such as knowing the future or telepathy, that seem to go against or be outside the known laws of nature and science. Learn more.

Parapsychology |
Such concepts can be exciting. However, we all know that a high level of excitation does not always lead to adaptive behavior. Psychic research has probably excited more outraged protest than any scientific contention since Darwin’s, but it has also activated such constructive work as critical examination of its data and a search for further information.

Parapsychology - RationalWiki
Parapsychology is the supposedly scientific study of paranormal phenomena involving the human mind. This includes such things as psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and telepathy.. The goal is to apply the rigors of the scientific method and the advancements learned in studying the human mind learned in psychology to the world of the paranormal. In practice most of the experiments are of very poor ...

The Parapsychological Association
The website of the Parapsychological Association, a professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of psi (or 'psychic') experiences, and a resource for those interested in the study of parapsychology.

Parapsychology - Supporting the scientific study of ...
The Parapsychology Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation which provides a worldwide forum supporting the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena.



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Is Death Just a Different Form of Consciousness?  Psychology Today

While in space in February 1971, astronaut Edgar Mitchell had what he called a “peak experience,” a sudden feeling of euphoria mixed with immense fatigue.

There Is a Paranormal Activity Lab at the University of Virginia  The Atlantic

Respected scientists are lending credibility to parapsychological research.

The (Really) Astonishing Hypothesis: Looking into the Future  Psychology Today

Can we as humans foresee the future? A recent review of the scientific evidence makes this strong claim.

Ian Stevenson's Case for the Afterlife: Are We 'Skeptics' Really Just Cynics?  Scientific American

If you're anything like me, with eyes that roll over to the back of your head whenever you hear words like “reincarnation” or “parapsychology,” if you suffer great ...

New book about psychedelics and weird human experiences  Boing Boing

David Luke, a University of Greenwich psychology lecturer and researcher of high weirdness, has a new book out with the compelling title of Otherworlds: ...

When the NSA Feared Psychics Could Make Cities Lost in Time and Space  Atlas Obscura

A version of this story originally appeared on A classified government document opens with “an odd sequence of events relating to ...

Still Talking After All These Years  The New York Times

At the annual meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the seminars covered the quantum hologram (huh?) and President Trump.

Arrest warrant issued for examiner accused of taking patient from state hospital without permission  Arkansas Online

An arrest warrant has been issued for a psychological examiner accused of taking a patient from the Arkansas State Hospital without permission, the Associated ...

The “Things in Heaven and Earth”:  The Daily Star

The girl who, somehow strangely resembles Ranu, raised her eyes -a slight smirk hanging in the corner of her lips” – thus ended Devi (1985), closely followed ...

Are near-death experiences hallucinations? Experts explain the science behind this puzzling phenomenon  The Conversation UK

In our never-ending quest to understand what happens to us after we die, humans have long seen the rare phenomenon of near-death experiences as providing ...

Carl Jung’s fascination with the occult

Unknown to many people, including, perhaps, some of his followers in the Philippines, the great Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist Carl Jung had a ...

Underrated 80s Haunt The Entity Gets Collector's Edition Blu-ray This Summer  MovieWeb

Barbara Hershey stars in the 1983 true horror story The Entity whih will see a *fresh* new release from Scream Factory this summer.



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